Call for Papers

Carrying the theme: “Global Pandemic – Beyond the New Normal”, this event aims to address issues and changes needed with hindsight from the pandemic. With over 20 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the globe and over 700,000 deaths that have resulted from the pandemic as of mid-August 2020, insurers and pension funds need to make tough decisions beyond this new normal and be able to deal with all the different challenges facing the industry. The Colloquium will provide insights on the transformation of regulation, social protection including social insurance, capital, investments, risks, products, customers and distribution with over 300 attendees including insurance and pensions executives and senior actuaries from Asia and around the world.

The entire Colloquium will take place over 2 ½ days and the sessions are tentatively planned as follows:
• 1 keynote panel
• 2 plenary sessions
• 15 parallel breakout sessions (each parallel session will consist of 2-3 presentations of the same theme)

The paper submission process is set out below. Speakers whose presentations are accepted are invited to present during the International Actuarial Colloquium in April 2022. Presenters are expected to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Presenters are also expected to pay the conference fee if they intend to attend sessions other than the session they present. Both the IAALS and PBSS Sections will offer bursaries for speakers mainly from actuarially developing countries and who are members of the Section. Please indicate your interest in applying for a bursary during the paper submission process.

Presentations – We Welcome your Participation

We invite professionals and practitioners in the Life Insurance and Pensions fields to speak to the theme and share their knowledge and experience with their fellow actuaries and with the wider audience at this Colloquium. Possible topics for your presentations include (but are not limited to):

Life insurance 
Health insurance
Pension, employee benefits and social security
Risk, capital and value
Innovations (e.g. in terms of products, markets, customers and distribution)
Data, analytics, model applications and technology
Regulating insurance/pensions industry (e.g. international accounting and solvency standards development, funding and sharing risks)
Future of the actuary
Environmental, climatic changes
Professionalism, ethics & values

A typical presentation session will be of 30 to 45-minute duration (including Q&A), subject to the final decision by the Scientific Committee. If you are keen to participate in this Colloquium as a presenter, please refer to the submission process outlined below.

All accepted full-length papers will be eligible for consideration for “Best Paper Awards”, proudly sponsored by the IAALS and PBSS Sections of the IAA. The winners will be selected using criteria that include the command of actuarial concepts, the quality of the analysis instruments used, the clarity and the insightfulness in communication as well as the potential practical application of the topic in the insurance/pensions world. The winner will be announced during the closing ceremony of International Actuarial Colloquium 2022.

Submission Process
Provisional Programme Schedule