International Women's Day

International Women's Day 2023 

Message from IAA President, Micheline Dionne

Inspiration. We asked a group of young female actuaries about a female person that inspires them. Here is what they have to share:

Advice. We reached out to female leaders of the IAA asking for an advice they would give to their younger self. Here is what they have to say:

International Women's Day 2022

 Let's celebrate International Women's Day!
The IAA recognizes that International Women's Day is about both celebrating the achievements of women around the world and highlighting the need to inspire and uplift women while recognizing the plight of many women struggling to deal with historic prejudices and socio-economic hardship. As a profession, actuaries have much to contribute to addressing gender bias and promoting access to social protection. We also seek ongoing gender transformation of our profession by promoting actuarial science as a career path for women as well as for women to build careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). So let's heed the call to #BreakTheBias.
Celebrate women's achievements. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

To acknowledge the work of female actuaries from around the world, the IAA will be launching a series of videos throughout the month of March, see below the calendar.

  • March 8. IAA Female Leaders. Meet IAA female leaders who share their experience as leaders of the IAA and their vision for women in the actuarial profession. View video 
  • Week of March 14. Trailblazers of the professionLearn about the practices that have contributed to the success of female leaders in the profession and what keeps them motivated in times of adversity. And interview with Daisy Coke, a female pioneer and trailblazer of the actuarial profession.
  • Week of March 21. Young female actuaries. A review of interviews previously collected for the inaugural International Actuaries Day in which 4 female actuaries tell us about how they have grown on the profession. Format: video recording will be available on this page.


    The most important thing that has helped me grow in the actuarial profession has been my willingness to take risks. I have pushed myself to present at a number of conferences and take on unfamiliar work. I’ve also had colleagues and managers support and encourage me in taking on these new opportunities, which has been an important part of my growth. Emma Vitz, New Zealand Society of Actuaries

        International Actuaries Day Interviews - Emma Vitz (New Zealand) - YouTube  

    Getting to where I am today is attributed to so many factors, but one of the most influential are the mentors and advocates who I’ve been blessed with throughout my career.  They were the ones who helped build my confidence, advocated for me in landing career-changing opportunities, and propelled me to achieve goals larger than I even knew to dream.  Their impact have not only brought me to where I am, but will continue carrying me to higher heights in my years to come. Sherry Chan, Society of Actuaries

        International Actuaries Day Interviews - Sherry Chan (United States) - YouTube  
  • March 30th. Webinar: Addressing gaps in financial inclusion. Join IAA President, Ms. Roseanne Harris, in a live panel conversation with Hannah Grant (A2ii), Lisa Morgan (ILO) and Victoria Saporta (IAIS) discussing how the actuarial profession can address gender gaps in financial inclusion.
    When: March 30th at 10am EDT- 4pm CEST
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International Women's Day initiatives from our member association.