Chairperson Maryellen J Coggins  
Members Thomas Béhar  [Institut des Actuaires, France]
Mary Downs  [American Academy of Actuaries]
Changwon Im  [Institute of Actuaries of Korea]
Birgit Kaiser  [Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e.V. (DAV)]
Thomas Karp  [Professional Standards Committee, Actuaries Institute Australia]
Ikuo Kudoh  [Institute of Actuaries of Japan]
Stuart Hamilton Leckie  [Actuarial Society of Hong Kong]
Yvonne Anne Lynch  [Society of Actuaries in Ireland]
Helge-Ivar Magnussen  [Den Norske Aktuarforening]
Hillevi Mannonen  [Actuarial Association of Europe]
David Bernard Martin  [Chairperson IAA Professionalism Committee]
Michael Graham McDougall  [Actuarial Society of South Africa]
Irina Alexandrovna Melnikova  [Russian Guild of Actuaries]
Ann Mary Muldoon  [Financial Reporting Council]
A David Pelletier  [Past Chairman, Actuarial Standards Board (Canada)]
Manuel Peraita Huerta  [Instituto de Actuarios Españoles]
Godfrey Perrott  [Chairperson, IAA Actuarial Standards Committee]
Ernst Visser  [Het Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap]
Zheng Wang  [China Association of Actuaries]
Jesús Alfonso Zúñiga San Martin  [Colegio Nacional de Actuarios A.C.]
Amali Seneviratne  
Clive Graeme Aaron  [Professional Standards Committee, Actuaries Institute Australia]
Avi Bar-Or  [Past President, Israel Association of Actuaries]
Albert J Beer  [US Actuarial Standards Board]
Mary Downs  [Executive Director, American Academy of Actuaries (United States)]
Akihiro Hotta  [Japanese Society of Certified Pension Actuaries]
Dieter Köhnlein  [Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e.V. (DAV), Member of the Standards Project Team of the AAE]
Biljana Koteska  [Macedonian Actuarial Association]
Hillevi Mannonen  [Actuarial Society of Finland]
John Leo Maroney  [International Association of Insurance Supervisors]
Godfrey Perrott  [Past Chairperson SSRT, Actuarial Standards Committee]
Herwig Werner Raubal  [New Zealand Society of Actuaries ]

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