The Republic of Panama is located at the southernmost tip of Central America, bordering Colombia and Costa Rica. Thanks to its strategic location, the use of the US dollar, and because it is the Pacific Ocean terminal city of the Canal, Panama City is a leading logistics, shipping and air travel hub in the region. The city's attractiveness has captivated travelers for centuries who have decided to stay and call it home, making it a true melting pot of cultures from around the world that have formed its present day identity.

Panama City

Panama City's infrastructure is well developed for sustaining large scale events and business congresses. This can be evidenced by checking the list of daily flights to several destinations in the Americas (North, Central, South and the Caribbean) and Europe, along with a list of international hotel chains that provide room and accommodations for such events.


Touristic activities

Panama, touristic Activities

Panama City offers an interesting set of touristic activities within city limits like visits to the Panama Canal, the Casto Antiguo (Unesco protected site), Old Panama Ruins, Jungles, Beaches, Rainforest, Fishing, Whale Watching - there are options for every taste. This is complemented with an excellent culinary and night-life experience that will delight you.