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Terms of Reference


In order to advance the operations of the IAA, the Council shall elect an Executive Committee, which shall have the following roles:

  1. To carry out the operational aspects of the IAA;
  2. To prepare strategy proposals and material for consideration at Council meetings; and
  3. To monitor the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

The specific duties of the Executive Committee are as follows:

  1. Recommend to Council a Strategic Plan and updates to it as conditions warrant;
  2. Report to the Council on its activities, including progress relative to the agreed strategic plan; 
  3. Establish and dissolve organizational structures, including Committees (except for the Nominations Committee and the Audit and Finance Committee) and other organizational structures, as necessary, and establish terms of reference for them, with such actions by the Executive Committee subject to ratification by the Council. At least once in a three-year period, review the terms of reference of each of these organizational structures as to their appropriateness in relation to tasks foreseen and activity realized in implementing the Strategic Plan;
  4. Review periodically the governance and structure of the IAA and make recommendations to the Council in relation to any need for change; 
  5. Appoint chairpersons and vice-chairpersons of Committees (except for the Executive Committee, Audit and Finance Committee and Nominations Committee), taking into account the recommendation of the Nominations Committee, with such appointments subject to the ratification by the Council;
  6. Appoint Committee members who are not delegates appointed by Full Member associations, taking into account the recommendation of the Nominations Committee, with such appointments subject to the ratification by the Council;
  7. Provide oversight and coordination for the Committees and Sections;
  8. Recommend external relations policies, for approval by Council, in accordance with the Strategic Plan;
  9. Implement the due process policy for issuing public statements; 
  10. Implement the due process policy to enforce guidelines, recommendations or standards of the IAA; 
  11. Recommend to Council the budget and schedule of membership fees for each year for approval; 
  12. Implement the policy regarding the purchase of assets and disposition of assets held by the IAA; 
  13. Recommend to Council future Council and Committee meeting venues; and 
  14. Carry out such other duties and responsibilities as may be determined by the Council from time to time. 

The Executive Committee shall consist of all Officers of the IAA and eight (8) additional members to be elected by the Council. The President of the IAA shall chair the Executive Committee. 

The Executive Committee may transact business by holding meetings in person, or by means of a telephonic, electronic or other communication facility.