Moving the Profession Forward Internationally


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Working Groups

Microinsurance Working Group –To serve as the IAA body that coordinates the micro‐insurance efforts of the various IAA Committees and Sections and provides a focal point for IAA efforts to help facilitate the development of microinsurance and actuarial involvement in this rapidly growing, and socially meaningful area.

Mortality Working Group –Insights about the level of mortality rates around the world, and the trends of future mortality rates, have never been more important. While mortality rates are declining in most countries, in other countries they are stable and in some instances are even increasing.

Population Issues Working Group – To identify population issues of particular interest to actuaries and in respect of which the actuarial profession, at an international or national level, could make a useful contribution in the public interest.

Resource and Environment Working Group – To serve as a working group within the IAA devoted to environment issues that can affect the work of actuaries in their various areas of practice.