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The Max Lander Award

In 2004 IACA inaugurated a “Consulting Actuary Lifetime Achievement Award”. This award is named in honour of the late Max Lander who was a founding member of IACA and the initial IACA Secretary/treasurer. The Max Lander Award is given to a member of the actuarial profession who has contributed to the public awareness of the work of the actuarial profession and the promotion of the business of consulting actuaries.

Past Recipients:

2016 Leonard John Martin (United Kingdom)
Donation: TBC

2014 Christopher D. Daykin (United Kingdom)
Donation: Peter Clark Memorial Fund

2012 Frederick W. Kilbourne (United States) - Read the Award details
Donation: Charity Fair Horse Show

2010 Klaus Heubeck (Germany)
Donation: Peter Clark Memorial Fund

2008 Paul N. Thornton (United Kingdom)
Donation: IAA Congress Reserve Fund

2006 W. James MacGinnitie (United States)
Donation: Peter Clark Memorial Fund

The Geoffrey Heywood Award

At the 2014 Congress, IACA will inaugurate a “Young Consulting Actuary High Achievement Award”. This award is named in honour of Geoffrey Heywood MBE who was the founding Chairman of IACA. The Geoffrey Heywood Award will be will be given to a young consulting actuary who has provided significant services to the public and the actuarial profession.

The intent of both of these awards is to help bring to the consulting actuarial profession into the public domain and to encourage the successful development of consulting actuarial practices and actuarial literature.

2016 Chintan Gandhi (United Kingdom)
Donation: Charitable Trust of the Worshipful Company of Actuaries

2014 Marian Elliott (United Kingdom)
Donation: South American Actuaries Dev Programme


Administration of the Awards

  1. IACA has established an IACA Awards Committee to administer the provision of the Max Lander Award and the Geoffrey Heywood Award.
  2. The IACA Awards Committee will consist of at least one past Chairman of IACA and at least three other past members of the IACA Committee as determined by the IACA Committee from time to time. The IACA Awards Committee will include IACA’s current Chairman and its current Executive Director and any other committee member nominated by IACA.
  3. The IACA Awards Committee will elect a Chairman, who will be a past Chairman of IACA.
  4. The IACA Awards Committee will decide who will receive the Awards after receiving nominations from the members of IACA and other actuarial organizations:
    1. The Max Lander Award may be awarded to any actuary who is, or has been, a consulting actuary.
    2. The Geoffrey Heywood Award may only be awarded to a consulting actuary who is under age 40.
  5. The recipients of the Awards will be recognized in accordance with the principles of the provision of the Awards.
  6. The recipients of the Awards will receive a plaque and a monetary award which will be donated in honour of the recipient to an actuarial-related organization of his or her choosing that is involved in or promotes the development of the actuarial profession. The monetary award will be C$1,000 for the Max Lander Award and C$500 for the Geoffrey Heywood Award or such other amounts as decided by IACA.

The Awards will normally be presented at each IAA Congress and at intervening joint colloquiums hosted by IACA.