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Invitation to Host the IAACouncil and Committee Meetings

Any association wishing to host and facilitate the IAA meetings must complete and return this form for consideration by the Executive Committee (EC). The purpose of this form is to assist the EC in considering invitations, taking into account geographical region, proposed dates, accessibility, cost and other issues.

1.  Official name of association responsible for the invitation

2.  Association contact person


3.  Invitation valid for the following dates


Will the IAA meetings be held in conjunction with a special event within your association? Yes No

If yes, please elaborate and indicate the flexibility or lack thereof:

4. Please indicate how the meeting will benefit the actuarial profession, both locally and internationally.

5.  Proposed city:

6.  Please indicate whether flights are available from the following cities:

London (UK) Paris (France)
New York (USA) Los Angeles (USA)
Tokyo (Japan) Oslo (Norway)
Mexico (Mexico) Sydney (Australia)
Toronto (Canada) Hong Kong (SAR)
Johannesburg (SA)

7. IAA Dinner

The inviting association is responsible for organizing and hosting a seated dinner for IAA delegates and accompanying persons (approximately 225 to 300 persons, depending on location), at no cost to IAA Delegates or the IAA. The IAA will collect the dinner cost from observers and accompanying persons. The total amount collected will be remitted to the host association post event. The per person cost will be as specified by the host association, up to a maximum of $150 Canadian. This dinner is a good opportunity for the host association to introduce delegates to its country’s culinary and other customs.

In general, the official IAA Dinner is an opportunity to invite senior Government Officials, Regulators, Supervisors and others whose awareness of the global actuarial profession and the IAA we would wish to raise.

Please confirm that your association subscribes to this commitment. Yes  No

8. On-site Support

Can your association provide on-site support during the days of the meetings? If yes, please specify.

9. Responsibility of the IAA

The IAA negotiates and signs the contract with the hotel and assumes all financial responsibility for the meetings. The Secretariat of the IAA is responsible for making the arrangements with respect to bedrooms, meeting rooms and other logistical requirements.

10. Member Associations hosting IAA meetings should take the following steps to ensure maximum benefit for their own association and the IAA.

  1. Identify local or regional branches of the supranational organizations listed in the Supranational Relations database, regarding possible invitations from the IAA to the meetings or official IAA dinner.
  2. Consult the Chairman of the Advice and Assistance Committee regarding any invitations relevant to their work.
  3. Confirm the availability of financial and/or other incentives offered by local government or entities to organizations holding meetings in their city or country.

11. Please specify by which date a response to this invitation is required: 

For and in the association's name (Name and position within the association)

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