Sydney, Australia — 3-4 November 2004

Author/Speaker Topic
Professor John Piggott, University of New South Wales DC and Decumulation: An Actuarial Economics Perspective
René Delsanne, Professor, University of Quebec, Montreal Incorporating and modelling hedge funds in institutional portfolios
Andrew Burge, Senior Manager - Market Analysis & Pricing, Tarong Energy Corporation Sustainable Electricity Generation SYNOPSIS  PAPER
Roger Urwin, Global Head, Watson Wyatt Risk budgeting -  ALM and the equity risk premium
Stewart McCarthy & Elayne Grace, Retail Commercial and Sustainability Manager, IAG Environmental Finance - The rise of environmental markets and opportunities for actuaries SYNOPSIS  PAPER
Andy Hunt, Watson Wyatt Latest investment thinking applied to DC pension plans
John DeRavin, Company Actuary, Munich Re Group Castrophe Pricing SYNOPSIS  PAPER
Panel Discussion led by Ken Buffin, Vice President, Conference of Consulting Actuaries Issues in Investment Management
Will Gardner, Director, Aon Group Australia Ltd Terrorism Catastrophe Modelling
Social Security Reform and Privatisation of Social Security
John Haley, President & CEO, Watson Wyatt Worldwide Presentation of Pension Readiness Index Project (World Economic Forum) SYNOPSIS
Junichi Sakamoto, Chief Adviser to Nomura, Nomura Research Institute 2004 Social Security Reform in Japan PAPER
Miki Arimori, Institute of Pension Research, Nikko Financial Intelligence Inc. Evaluation Criteria for Pension System and its application to Pension Reform in Japan PAPER
Jan Kuné, Research, ABP Pensions Fund Global Ageing: can we grow old comfortably? SYNOPSIS  PAPER
Chris Daykin, Government Actuary  Pension Reform around the world PAPER
Robert Brown, Professor, University of Waterloo  Is pre-funding the answer? PAPER
Accounting for pension costs – the development of a new IFRS
Carl Hansen, Executive Director, Milliman Global Unwise actuarial measurement of pension liabilities PAPER
Ken Sugita, Actuary, Mitsui Asset Trust Topics in calculating unfunded PBOs of Japanese Private Pensions SYNOPSIS  PAPER
Tim Furlan, Consultant, Towers Perrin

IAS19: the latest changes and what might be in store

Managing the pay-out phase of DC Plans
Craig Thorburn, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, The World Bank Annuities and Alternatives: the World Bank Study
Chris Daykin, Government Actuary  Managing Risk in the pay-out phase PAPER
Michael Rice, Managing Director, Rice Walker Actuaries Managing the pay-out phase in Australia
Global actuarial principles for funding pension plans
Paul Thornton, Senior Partner, IAA Pensions Committee Global Actuarial Principles
Paul Thornton on behalf of Juan Yermo OECD Guidelines on Occupational Pension Schemes
Carel Hammer Groupe Consultatif Guidelines on the Prudent Person Principle
Pension Funds & Investment Markets
Jan Kuné, Research, ABP Pensions Fund An Inquiry into the Basics of Pension Finance SYNOPSIS  PAPER
Mirko Cardinale, Economist, Watson Wyatt Long-term Hedging & Pension Investment SYNOPSIS  PAPER
Tony Day, Head of Strategy, Queensland Investment Corporation Financial Economics & Actuarial Practice SYNOPSIS  PAPER
Ageing population and strategies for increasing the effective age of retirement
Robert Brown, Professor, University of Waterloo  Paying for Health Care in an Aging Canadian Population
Ryo Matsubara, Hewitt Associates Impact of Ageing Population on Companies' Retirement Benefit Strategy SYNOPSIS, PAPER
Tadashi Nakada, Vice Chairman of The Advisory Council, Nikko Financial Intelligence Inc Recent Corporate Pension Reform and its Consequences in Japan SYNOPSIS   PAPER