International Association of Consulting Actuaries

5th Conference
Sydney, Australia
November 7 - 11, 1976


Table of Contents

National Reports

New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States
West Indies


Chairman's Address

Security for the Aged
by Preston C. Bassett (U.S.A.)

Report of the Sub-Committee on Membership
by Paul H. Jackson (U.S.A.), Maxwell Lander U.K.) and Ian Sturrock (S. Africa)

Retirement Benefit Schemes

Private Pension Plans and Insolvency Insurance in Germany
by Georg Heubeck and Klaus Heubeck (Germany))

The UP-1984 - A "Unisex" Mortality Table for Noninsured Pension Plans
by Paul H. Jackson and William W. Fellers (U.S.A.)

Measurement of the Pace of Funding
by Barry King (Australia)

Changing Times in the Asset Marketplace
by Joseph Musher (U.S.A.)

Employee Stock Ownership Plans
by A. C. Olshen (U.S.A.)

Unusual Fields and New Problems

Actuaries and General Insurance in Australia
by Richard Cumpston and Jim Gould (Australia)

Investment Performance of Superannuation Funds in Australia
by John Graham and Martin A. Stevenson (Australia)

Actuaries and Advisory Relationships
by Blackburn H. Hazlehurst (U.S.A.)

Accounting for Inflation and its Implications for Management
by Owen F. Roach (Australia)

Life Insurance

The Effect of Legislation on Life Office Valuations
by K. Muir McKelvey, Ken Oldham and Peter E. Felton (U.K.)

Problems of the Australian Life Insurance Industry
by Ray Palmer (Australia)

The Problems of the Life Insurance Industry in Third World Countries
by Mervyn M. de Souza (West Indies)


Use of Computer Facilities by Australian Consulting Actuaries
by M. Hughes and B. A. Edwards (Australia)

Impact of Desk-top Computer on a Consulting Actuarial Firm
by Edward J. Jones (New Zealand)

The Influence of Data-Base on Consulting Actuaries
by Martin S. Spry (Australia)

The Impact of Computers on Consulting Actuarial Firms (resume only)
by David A. Stanton (Australia)

The Measurement of Investment Performance
by Evan Innes (U.S.A.)

New Fields for Consulting Actuaries
by Frederick W. Kilbourrle (U.S.A.)

New Methods of Determining Employee Contributions to Private Pension Plans
by Charles B. H. Watson (U.S.A.)