International Association of Consulting Actuaries

11th Conference
Munich, Germany
July 3 - 8, 1988


Table of Contents

National Reports

Federal Republic of Germany
Hong Kong
Republic of Ireland
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States
West Indies


Pension Rights and Interests on Divorce
I M Aitken (UK)

Actuaries and Assets
T G Arthur (UK)

Real Interest, Real Capital, and the Prudent Mixture Strategy
John M Bragg (USA)

A Flexible Benefit Model for Actuarial Projections of Program Costs
Robert J Dymowski (USA)

Money Purchase (Defined Contribution) Pension Schemes Face a Brighter Future in the UK
Keith Exall (UK)

Considerations in the Entry to the Actuarial Profession into the US National Health Care Debate
Edward H Friend (USA)

Turnover as an Actuarial Assumption on its own
Dr K Heubeck (Germany)

Early Experience with new Canadian Accounting for Pension Plans
David F Howe (Canada)

A Few New Rules for Pensions in the US
Paul H Jackson (USA)

Pension Fund Surplus in the United Kingdom
Helen James (UK)

Actuaries and Matrimonial Property - Problems in Settlement of Pension Rights
Edward J Jones (New Zealand/Australia)

Tax-Danger for Pension Funds in the Netherlands
Henk Langhorst (Netherlands)

Determining a Pension Scheme's Funding Target
David McLeish & Colin Stewart (UK)

A Pensioner Looks at Pensions
J R D Orrett (UK)

Actuarial Involvement in Divorce Proceedings
John H Prevett (UK)

The United States Social Security Program : Is it financially feasible in the long run?
A Haeworth Robertson (USA) 277

Markov Models for Combined Marriage and Mortality Tables
A D Wilkie (UK)

The Use of Option Pricing Theory for Valuing Benefits with "cap and collar" Guarantees
A D Wilkie (UK)

A D Wilkie (UK)

Money Purchase Pension Schemes in the UK
B H Davies and R D Campbell (UK)