International Association of Consulting Actuaries

14th Conference
Hong Kong
October 16 - 21, 1994


Table of Contents

National Reports

Channel Islands
Hong Kong
Isle of Man
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States


Pensions and divorce - the current pitfalls
Ian M Aitken (UK)

Future benefit design
Ian M Aitken & Peter A Hurcombe (UK)

Another look at the valuation of variable income assets by the discounted income approach
M N Atkinson (UK)

Professional discipline of actuaries: recent experience in Canada
M D R Brown (Canada)

Educational system to advance consulting
Ray Cole (USA)

Pensions on divorce - a Canadian perspective
Ben Dibben (Canada)

Ageing of the population - a phenomenon of all developed countries
Wolfgang Ettl (Austria)

Some observations on the financing of pension plans and on related benefit design issues
John M Hill (UK)

Costing pension arrangements
David F Howe (Canada)

Assessing the financial strength of UK life offices
J A Jenkins (UK)

The difficulties associated with personal pension transfers
D L Jones (UK)

Benefits and international mergers and acquisitions
A F M Jungman (Netherlands)

On the Canada pension plan
J Bruce MacDonald (Canada)

Benefit stream driven actuarial valuations for 'defined benefit' pension plans
Daniel F McGinn (USA)

International benefits policy: a U.S. multinationals perspective
Jim McKay (USA)

A bird's eye view of pension fund actuaries
Peter Milburn-Pyle (South Africa)

Health services available in the pacific interior
Lawrence Mitchell (USA)

T.P.D. ("Three Prospective Deaths")
Ray Palmer (Australia)

Life insurance developments and prospects in South East Asia
Catherine Prime (Australia)

Splitting U.S. pension plan assets in a corporate transaction
Mary S Riebold (USA)

Update on superannuation surplus in Australia
G B K Trahair (Australia)

Current and future asset allocations of pension funds worldwide
R C Urwin (UK)

Stochastic models for inflation, investments and exchange rates
A D Wilkie (UK)