International Association of Consulting Actuaries

10th Conference
October 26 - 31, 1986


Table of Contents

National Reports

Hong Kong
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States


Graphical Presentation of Actuarial Concepts
By Gordon Mitchell (United Kingdom)

Investment Philosophy from the Viewpoint of a U.K. Actuary
By Jonathan Checkley (United Kingdom)

Actuaries and Computing - The Next Ten Years
By Simon Stoye (United Kingdom)

An Actuarial Approach to Monitoring Long-term Investment Performance
By Jon Spain (United Kingdom)

Allowing for Future New Entrants in Pension Fund Valuations
By P Milburn-Pyle (South Africa)

Forensic Actuaries
By John H. Prevett (United Kingdom)

The Crisis in the U.S. Medicare System
By A Haeworth Robertson (U.S.A.)

Recent Developments in Social Security in the Netherlands
By Ruud Sprenkels (Netherlands)

Pension Reform in Canada - a Survey of Proposals in 1986
By J. Bruce MacDonald (Canada)

Pension Scheme Taxation
By J.R.D. Orrett (United Kingdom)

Employee Benefits in the Netherlands
By Alex Jungman (Netherlands)

The Determination of the Deduction for Remarriage from the Pecuniary Loss of a Widow
By Robert J. Thomson (South Africa)

Pensions Aspects of Takeovers and Mergers in the U.K.
By P.N. Thornton (United Kingdom)

Accounting for Pension Costs
By Howard Gracey (united Kingdom)

Memorandum on the New Accounting Rules for Pension Plans in Canada
By Frank Livsey (Canada)