•  A Dynamic Financial Analysis of the Effect of Growth on Property Liability Insurers  
    Stephen P. D'Arcy  
  •  Actuarial Considerations in International Insurance M&A  
    Jim Toole  
  •  Betas calculated with Garch models provides new parameters for a Portfolio selection with an Efficient Frontier  
    Ricardo Tagliafichi  
  •  General Actuarial Models in a Semi-Markov Environment  
    Jacques Janssen, Raimondo Manca  
  •  Intrinsical Claims Experience Methodology from a sufficiency and solvency perspective  
    Jorge Suzán  
  •  Loss reserves and financial risk: The rich and the poor  
    Anders Hellemann Rolfsen, Erik Bølviken  
  •  On arbitrage opportunities on some types of financial market defined by fractional Brownian motion  
    Yury Krvavych  
  •  On Risk and Price: Stochastic Orderings and Measures   
    Werner Hürlimann  
  •  Property & Casualty Insurance in the 21st Century  
    Nikolaus von Bomhard  
  •  Rate making and large claims  
    L. Sigalotti, L. Picech, P.Gigante  
  •  Ruin probabilities for a correlated aggregate claims  
    Junyi Guo, Kam C. Yuen, Xueyuan Wu  
  •  Reserving using the Gaussian approximation to the Cox process with shot noise intensity  
    Jiwook Jang  
  •  The use of Systemic Networks in the design and operation of Planning Systems  
    José Manuel Vergara Cabrera