Welcome to the Actuarial Educators Network


The Network has been set up to:

  • provide resources for, and
  • facilitate communication about actuarial education and research.

The Actuarial Educators Network has been set up under the auspices of the International Actuarial Association (IAA) as part of the initiative to develop and improve actuarial education throughout the world.

The Network is open to anyone involved in actuarial teaching and research. We hope that by being part of the network, and using this website, actuarial educators will find useful resources and networking opportunities.

The main sections of this website are
Education Resources: Resources to assist in actuarial teaching
Research Resources: Resources to assist in actuarial research
Events: Information about events that are of interest to actuarial educators
About: Useful background information about the Actuarial Educators Network
Subcommittee: Information about the Subcommittee for Actuarial Educators, the governing body of the Actuarial Educators Network
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