Membership Status as of 20-Mar-2018

Association: Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan Country: Kazakhstan 
Incorporation Date: 2000  Address: 43A, Mynbayev Str., Room 406
Almaty       050008
Member Type: Full Member Web site: 
Admission Date: Full Member: 18-Aug-2017
Associate Member: 07-Oct-2001  
Number of FQA's: 51  
Membership Dues: 31-Dec-2016  Date of Last Count of FQA's:
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Code of Conduct: Meets Requirement April 2016 - Document Dated September 2010 
Discipline Process: Meets requirement April 2016 - Document dated September 2010 
Process for Adoption of
Standards of Practice:

Correspondent: Azat Sapin  
President: Ms. Karlygash Baizhanova   

Committee Name
Enterprise & Financial Risks Anar Serikovna Tokayeva