Membership Status as of 20-Apr-2018

Association: Casualty Actuarial Society Country: United States 
Incorporation Date: 1914  Address: 4350 N. Fairfax Drive
Suite 250
Arlington    VA    22203
United States
Member Type: Full Member Web site: 
Admission Date: 17-Mar-1996   Number of FQA's: 4922  
Membership Dues: 31-Dec-2016  Date of Last Count of FQA's: 26-Jan-2017
Last Confirmation Form: 15-Feb-2017    

Code of Conduct: Meets requirements - December 2008 - Document Dated January 2001 
Discipline Process: Meets requirements - December 2008 - Document Dated November 1998 
Process for Adoption of
Standards of Practice:
Do not issue standards - this is done through the AAA 

Council Delegate: Mr. Ralph Sumner Blanchard III 
Alternate Delegate: Ms. Mary Frances Miller  
Correspondent: Ms. Cynthia R. Ziegler  
President: Mr. Brian Z Brown   

Committee Name
Advice & Assistance Mr. Robert F Conger
Insurance Regulation Ms. Mary T Hosford
Health Ms. Mary T Hosford
Insurance Accounting Mr. Gareth L Kennedy
General Insurance Mr. Robert S. Miccolis
Professionalism Ms. Mary Frances Miller
Social Security Ms. Mary Frances Miller
Education Ms. Patricia A Teufel
Membership (formerly Accreditation) Ms. Patricia A Teufel