Membership Status as of 19-Mar-2018

Association: Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Country: United Kingdom 
Incorporation Date: 1848  Address: 7th Floor, Holborn Gate
326-330 High Holborn
London       WC1V 7PP
United Kingdom
Member Type: Full Member Web site: 
Admission Date: 17-Mar-1996   Number of FQA's: 13286  
Membership Dues: 31-Dec-2016  Date of Last Count of FQA's: 03-Feb-2017
Last Confirmation Form: 03-Feb-2017    

Code of Conduct: Meets requirements - December 2008 Document dated August 2007 
Discipline Process: Meets requirements - December 2008 Document dated September 2007 
Process for Adoption of
Standards of Practice:
Meets requirements - May 2012 Document dated February 2009 

Council Delegate: Mr. Jules Constantinou  
Alternate Delegate: Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Mary Curtis  
Correspondent: Michael Williams  
President: Marjorie Chiedza Ngwenya   

Committee Name
Health Mr. Adrian Daryl Baskir
Insurance Regulation Mr. Nicholas Charles Dexter
Advice & Assistance Mr. Richard Galbraith
Enterprise & Financial Risks Mr. Malcolm Hugh David Kemp
Social Security Mr. Martin Kristofer Lunnon
Membership (formerly Accreditation) Mr. David Bernard Martin
Education Mr. Mark Anthony Stocker
Professionalism Mr. Mark Anthony Stocker
Insurance Accounting Mr. Derek John Wright