Membership Status as of 19-Mar-2018

Association: Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut Canadien des Actuaires Country: Canada 
Incorporation Date: 1965  Address: 360 Albert Street
Suite 1740
Ottawa    ON    K1R 7X7
Member Type: Full Member Web site: 
Admission Date: 17-Mar-1996   Number of FQA's: 3573  
Membership Dues: 31-Dec-2016  Date of Last Count of FQA's: 18-Jan-2017
Last Confirmation Form: 28-Feb-2017    

Code of Conduct: Meets Requirements September 2011 - Document Dated April 2011 
Discipline Process: Meets requirements February 2009 - Document dated July 2007 
Process for Adoption of
Standards of Practice:
Meets requirements February 2009 - Document dated October 2007 

Council Delegate: Madame Micheline Dionne  
Correspondent: Monsieur Jacques Tremblay  
President: Ms. Sharon Giffen   

Committee Name
Insurance Accounting Mr. Simon R Curtis
Education Monsieur Louis Doiron
Insurance Regulation Mr. J Helmut Engels
Advice & Assistance Mr. Geoffrey G Flaxbard
Pensions & Employee Benefits Mr. Thomas D Levy
Social Security Mr. Thomas D Levy
Enterprise & Financial Risks Mr. Daniel P MacKenzie
Health Mr. Terence R Narine
Membership (formerly Accreditation) Mr. Jason Vary
Professionalism Mr. Jason Vary
General Insurance Mr. William Weiland