Membership Status as of 19-Mar-2018

Association: Bulgarian Actuarial Society Country: Bulgaria 
Incorporation Date: 1994  Address: Sofia, Akad.G.Bonchev St, Bl. 8
2nd Floor, Room 218 PO Box 1113
Member Type: Full Member Web site: 
Admission Date: Full Member: 28-Oct-2007
Associate Member: 21-Oct-2002  
Number of FQA's: 43  
Membership Dues: 31-Dec-2016  Date of Last Count of FQA's: 13-Mar-2017
Last Confirmation Form: 28-Feb-2017    

Code of Conduct: Meets Requirements - December 2008 Document Dated July 2006 
Discipline Process: Meets requirements - December 2008 Document dated July 2006 
Process for Adoption of
Standards of Practice:
Do not issue standards 

Council Delegate: Todor Jivkov Todorov  
Correspondent: Dr. Nikolay Dimitrov Todorov  
President: Rossen Stoyanov Krachunov   

Committee Name